Странички пока нет :( Но мы уже работаем над этим! :)
Норвежские фьорды
Погрузитесь в красоту Севера
Один раз в жизни назначения
Закажите круиз к норвежским фьордам и Северному мысу: свяжитесь с землями викингов и их захватывающими дух городами и горами
Наши маршруты по норвежским Фьордам
Природа, которую вы никогда не видели
Our itineraries in the Eastern Mediterranean

A journey through culture and entertainment
Restaurans and excellence
Guests Entertainment
A party for the kids
An all-inclusive holiday
  • The dinner with 11 courses by Bruno Barbieri
  • A lunch by the pool and it is immediately holiday
  • From special diets to a chocolate fountain, everything is tailored to your needs
  • The Voice of the sea - you will be the star of the entertainment
  • Try your luck at the casino
  • Having fun all-night-long on the danceflorr by the sea
  • Peppa Pig - The most popular and beloved pig
  • C Wonder - aboard the entertainment is also virtual
  • Mini Club and Teen Club - lots of activities for our little Guests
  • We provide everything you need on holiday
  • From breakfast to dinner, we have delicious meals for everyone
  • Entertainment, sports and wellness on board: find the activity that best suits you.
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